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Give Your Kids the Best Travel Stories to Tell This Summer


Yes the vacations are here! Are your bags packed yet? Did you make elaborate vacation plans? Most of us have hurried and hectic schedules. Its not possible for all tomake detailed vacation itinerary. But the school holidays are here, and the kids want their vacation, and we at want your kids to have thrilling and unforgettable vacations.

So dont panic! Forget the last minute travel jitters. Dont fret about the destination! Just pick any of the vacation ideas given below and have a fantastic holiday and super happy children!

We did quite a bit of research to bring to you these ten destinations and experiences that children simply cant have enough of. Read on to know which are they, and where you are going to be travelling this summer.

1. Ride a Toy Train in Darjeeling

Nestled between the Himalayas and the dense eastern forests lies Darjeeling, a breathtaking hill station of Bengal. Darjeeling is a kaleidoscope of the majestic Himalayas, roaring waterfalls, immaculate tea-gardens and Victorian villas. This summer may be, you can show your kids the bountiful tea gardens where the famous Darjeeling tea comes from. Bask them in the pious first rays of sun at Tiger Hills, feel the glory of seeing the sun rise behind the Kanchenjunga. They say few sunrises in the world are as beautiful as Tiger Hills in Darjeeling.

But, most importantly ride the famous toy train of Darjeeling that twirls through the thick forests and hills, tea gardens, and quaint little hilly homes. It will be a fairytale come alive for your child.

2. Enjoy Summer Snow in Kashmir

What could possibly be more fun than snow in summers! How about a houseboat ride in Srinagar, or a trip in the highest cable car of the world? Known as the Switzerland of India, a Kashmir tour guarantees you snow, lakes, mountains, and much more.

The Gondola Cable Car ride that takes you to the skiing paradise of Gulmarg is thrilling and mesmerizing at the same time. Golf, fishing, and myriad other adventure activities to keep your kids busy are abound in Kashmir. Let your kids ski, row, and smile, take selfies in the white cottony snow, and have the best summer vacation of their life in Kashmir.

3. Trek, Fly and Camp in Magical Himachal

Shimla, Manali, Rohtang, Leh, Himachal is quite the travellers delight. This summer, get your cement and mortar surrounded children out of their urban jungles, and breath fresh air, hear the sounds of the roaring rivers, grab an apple from the tree directly, and feel the purity of Himachal in your veins.

Manali is probably the most famous camping destination in India. Take your toddlers and teenagers, and camp along the mighty Beas. If you and your family are the more adventurous sort, ride to Leh.

Trek through the lush landscapes and mild waterfalls in summer. Do some nerve tickling paragliding over the Kumaon Hills. Have warm delicious Maggie at 4000 mts high in Rohtang, and go avocado picking in a local garden. You will have to befriend a local for that first of course. With your bustling, energetic kids around, that should not be too difficult.

Make a trip to Himachal and give your kids a plethora of stories of beauty and bravery.

4. Experience Water Sports, History, Corals and Stunning Beaches at Andaman

Summers are a perfect time to visit this archipelago that is known for its crystal clear waters, remnants of the colonial era, virgin beaches and relaxing atmosphere.

Wondering how this romantic vacation for two could double as a kids-friendly escapade? Havelock Island in Andaman has been voted the best beach in Asia by Time Magazine. It is a hot spot for the best water sports in India. You and your kids can indulge in snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, and much more. Then come back, and rest amidst the pristine sands and water. Now that’s what I call relaxation.

When in Andamans, you can also take a trip down history lane by visiting the multiple museums, home to remnants of British Raj, and recounting the horrific but historically important Kala Pani. Make it a point to enjoy the light and sound show at Port Blair in the evening that narrated the atrocities and sacrifices of Kala Pani.

Andaman is also known for its corals and marine life, something that you and your children should definitely take a dip into.

5. Live a New Culture in Shillong

What makes Shillong a perfect summer retreat is that, it really is away from the maddening crowds. Its still unexplored, untouched, not affected by rampant commercialism or excessive tourist influx. This summer take your family to experience Shillong and the Khasi life style in its authentic form.

There are multiple resorts on the outskirts of Shillong that give you a glimpse into Khasi cuisine, language, costume and lifestyle. Shillong is also a fashion-lovers paradise. So if your young boy or girl likes to stay abreast of trends, this is definitely a place to consider.

However, one thing that is an absolute must-do in Shillong is experiencing its enthralling music scene. Become young at heart again with your kids and visit one or more of the happening night clubs in Shillong. Lend an ear to the best domestic and international music bands. Who knows you could even run into an international celebrity in a club in Shillong! They frequent there often because of the vivid music scene.

Taking your kids to Shillong will definitely up your coolness quotient before the children too, especially the teenagers. Besides its wonderful for the family to bond over some amazing food and music.

So here are THE summer destinations to go to that will get the adrenaline pumping in your babies, and not burn a hole in your pocket. The best part will be, that your kids will have the funniest, cutest, and best travel stories to tell their friends when they return to school!


5 Reasons Why Kashmir Will Steal Your Heart Away This Summer

Snow-capped mountains, lush landscapes, riveting rivers, mesmerizing lakes, and pillowy clouds touching you gently. Is that a smile? There is no better way to beat the heat this summer than visiting Kashmir.

If you are anything like me, just the thought of Kashmir is enough to get you grinning from ear-to-ear. Actually being there is paradise personified! Deciding your summer vacation itinerary cannot be simpler than just packing your bags and travelling to Kashmir. Not convinced yet? Maybe a glimpse into a Kashmir getaway will change your mind!

Forget Summers: Theres Snow in Gulmarg!:-

The poetic name befits this picturesque meadow of flowers. Gulmarg is a blessed land, where you will witness the most exotic, beautiful, and colourful flowers in bloom, against the backdrop of the majestic, snow-capped Himalayas.

Gulmarg plays host to the highest and longest cable car system in the world, popularly called the Gondola. The Gondola cable car takes you on a journey of a lifetime to Mount Apharwat which is at a staggering 14,000 feet high. There is a word in Urdu, called jannat. The view from Apharwat is that reclusive jannat- heaven on earth. Mount Apharwat is wrapped in snow the whole year round. Owing to the perennial snow in this area, many spectacular spa and skiing resorts have opened up here.

Skiing in summers is a surreal experience by itself. But even if you are not a skiing fan, take the Gondola ride to Apharwat. The beauty and purity you witness here is unparalleled, and the experience will be one you cherish forever.

Bollywood Beckons! Star in Your Own Movie in Betaab Valley:-

Kashmir has always captivated Bollywood. We have loved seeing our leading stars romance in Kashmirs snow-clad mountains, and picturesque valleys. One such valley is the stunning Betaab valley in Pahalgam. It has been named so after the Bollywood movie, Betaab was shot there.

Pahalgam is one of the most prominent destinations of a Kashmir tour. There is always a nip in the air in this valley of shepherds. A three-hour drive from Srinagar, Pahalgam is regarded as one of the most scenic and magical places in Kashmir, with its exuberant flora and fauna, snow-laden peaks, and the gushing Lidder river. It will be the perfect setting to the movie of your life. Feeling like a Yash Chopra star already!!

Pahalgam also offers you varied accommodation options. It is a well-known adventure sport destination. You can indulge in golfing, trout fishing, and river rafting here. Skiing is a well-known attraction too.

Hear the Music of the Mountains: Lakes and Peaks Narrate Their Story in Resplendent Srinagar:-

Chupke se sun, is pal ki dhun, remember that song from Mission Kashmir on the Shikara. Srinagar is really about the music in the mountains. The land of lakes, gardens and mountains, is a treat for sore eyes that are used to seeing steel and glass.

The beauty of Srinagar is synonymous with the magic and romance of Kashmir. The Shikaras or Srinagar house boats have weaved dreams and desires across generations. Ever since you saw Shammi Kapoor singing, Yeh chaand sa roshan chehra, we have wanted to croon and dance on these charming houseboats. Now imagine spending a day or two in these spectacular vehicles. You will find ample houseboat stay options in Srinagar, and thy stay docked on the lake.

However, whether you are staying in a houseboat or not, rowing across the Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake is a must-do. Tranquil and serene, you will enjoy lovely local gossip with your boatman, and get lost in the mountains. The lakes are cocooned amidst the mountains, and the snow-capped peaks around are really a sight to behold.

Srinagar is also favoured by the flowers. The Mughal Gardens are legendary for their beauty and variety. But dont miss out on the spectacular Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden. The vast and diverse variety of tulips have brought the garden admirers from across the world.

Most importantly, dont forget Kashmir is the valley of love and romance. Your trip is not complete without singing, yeh chaand sa roshan sa chehra to your beloved!

Become an Explorer: Discover the Untouched Valley of Bangus:-

Kashmir is a land of gems. While some like Gulmarg have been discovered and hailed as the epitome of beauty, there are other rare virgin gems hidden in Kashmir as well. Tempt and tease the explorer in you by reaching the elliptical bowl shaped valleys of Bodh Bangus and Lakut Bangus.

Beauty that words cannot define, greet you in these lands. These valleys are situated amidst dense forests of pine and oak. These meadows will mesmerize you. But let me warn you, this is not for everyone. The Bangus meadows have very limited accommodation options. In fact, the cosy guest house, located on the banks of Mawar river in Reshawari village is the only accommodation option you will come across.

Because of their unprecedented beauty, the freshest and clearest air in the valley, and its sky- meets- earth paradise atmosphere, it is an ideal camping site. But like they say, the best comes with the highest price tag. Bangus sees a lot of political and military unrest. So you will need a primary permission from the SP of Kishwar to go to Bangus. Not something that is easy to come by, but if you do manage to do so, you will not want to return from this heaven.

Trek Through the Golden Meadow of Sonmarg:-

The golden meadow of Kashmir receives many visitors every year. It is probably the most colorful terrain in Kashmir filled with poetic homes, confluence of rivers, and its beautiful array of flowers. There is something divine in the atmosphere of Sonmarg. When you reach the Vishansar lake, the clouds reflect on the clear waters of this lake and you realize just how grand and magnanimous nature is. You can also take romantic walks in the meadows and sample the delectable local cuisine in the innumerable eateries of Sonmarg.

If you have a trekker in you, Sonmarg is your destination. The trek to Thajiwas glacier and further to Ladakh through Zoji La Pass is one of the toughest trekking routes, definitely not meant for the werak-hearted and elderly. But Sonmarg is generous in its offering for everyone. Book a Kashmir tour with us, when travelling with family, and your elders and babies too can enjoy the delights of the resplendent Sonmarg valley. Nobody deserves to miss the stunning view from the top that Sonmarg offers.

So Are you ready to experience magical Kashmir this summer? Has Kashmir stolen your heart yet?


5 Places in India You Have to Visit Before Winter Comes

The temperatures are soaring through the roof, the scorching sun is definitely making its presence felt, and your heart is aching, mind is stirring and feet are itching! Arent they, and why not? Its summer, the time to stroke your wanderlust and move away from the maddening crowds of the city, to virgin meadows, flowing streams, snow-capped mountains, and valleys of flowers. We have compiled for you a list of exotic, beautiful, adventurous and fun–filled Indian destinations that you have to visit before the cold winter months sink in. So here are your dream escapades for summer and monsoon.

Colonial Kalimpong:-

Bengal does not only have the diamond called Darjeeling in its crown. 68 kms from Darjeeling lies a picturesque and bustling hill station called Kalimpong.Wild flowers, clouds playing hide and seek, the roaring Teesta River, swirling roads, and colonial cottages, all protected and guarded by the magnificent Himalayas- thats Kalimpong for you. Untouched, mysterious, incredibly beautiful, this hilly town will mesmerize you.

A perfect getaway for your summers and monsoon, have the most relaxed and calming vacation in one of the colonial properties like Morgan House, Silver Oaks or the quaint Soods retreat. Visit the multiple monasteries, and taste some wonderful local and European cuisine in these summer retreats. Even if it is some monsoon mush you are looking for, this is the destination to hit before the winters strike.

Unfettered Uttarakhand:-

Uttarakhand is beyond beautiful. Its not called Devbhumi or land of the Gods for nothing. Whether you are talking about the pilgrimage destinations of Kedar and Badri, the magical hill-stations of Nainital and Mussorie, or the yogic and adventure retreat of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand will leave you soaked in divinity, purity and enlightenment.Opting for one of these destinations, and giving the other a miss will leave you with a constant longing. Would you leave the delightful boating of Nainital, or the out-of-the-world experience of sipping tea at 12,000 feet high at Lal Tibba Mussorie, the world class river-rafting and bungee- jumping of Rishikesh, or the impenetrable piousness of Kedarnath? Which one will you choose and which one will you drop this summer?

Choose an Uttarakhand tour package instead, that lets you see the myriad beauties of this heavenly land and truly makes you realize why this is called Devbhumi. But beware ,because your heart will be stolen in these mountains and meadows of Uttarakhand.

Breathtaking Himachal:-

Blessed with some of the most scenic locations in the world, and climatic conditions that will make you forget its summer, Himachal is a delight for sore eyes and sun-burnt skins. Indulge in the serenity of Kasauli, the land of churches, orchards, and snow-clad peaks, or visit the honeymooners and trekkers paradise, Manali, Himachals most popular hill station along the banks of the majestic Beas river. Find your own slice of heaven in the Mini Switzerland of India, lush and gorgeous Khajjar, or experience natural springs and a Victorian home away from home in the much loved hill station Dalhousie.Curl up with a book in one of the quaint, colonial cafes of Shimla on Mall Road, or have the greatest adventure of your life trekking through Solang valley, or the famed Kunzum La Pass. You can also choose to simply do nothing, but just lose yourself to the spectacular view of the Chandratal lake. No matter what you do or dont do Himachal will take your breath away.

Parts of Himachal remain inaccessible and restricted to tourists during winter. So the best time to experience this wonderland is between May to October. So hurry up and start inquiring about your Himachal tours and packages now!

Dreamy Jammu and Kashmir:-

Kashmir is often referred to as the most beautiful place in India, the jewel in Indias crown, and a place of unparalleled and unimaginable beauty. How does such a place sound for your summer or monsoon vacation?Think clear blue skies, idyllic landscapes, fields of beautiful flowers, rugged mountain tops, stunning water bodies, soft cottony snow, and the delicate feel of cashmere and wool against your skin!

You heard that right! Whether you are visiting Kashmir in summer, monsoons, or winters, pack woollens because you are going to need them whether you are camping at Ladakh or enjoying an exquisite stay at a Shikara in Gulmarg, or simply a rejuvenating walk in the hills of Srinagar. Dont forget to take in the delectable local flavors and dress up in traditional Kashmiri gear. Salute the battleground of our bravehearts and pay your own silent respect to the grand Himalayas standing tall. Inquire about Kashmir tours and start planning your summer getaway to this revered and enchanting land.

Magical Kerala:-

If you are one of those who like to take the off-beat path, and prefer the calmer monsoons than the tourist-heavy summer and winter seasons to travel, Kerala should be your chosen destination this monsoon.Whether you are travelling with friends, family or your bae, Kerala offers something for everyone. The spicy Kerala cuisine and the mystic backwaters are perfect to be enjoyed with friends. Besides the spice, and the banana boat races are great conversation starters too! You might end up actually making a few new friends in Gods own country.

Kerala is a great leisure destination with its welcoming house-boats, home stays and luxurious resorts. All this makes it an ideal leisure destination for the family too. Visiting one of the famed Ayurveda retreats in Kerala in the picturesque monsoons can be a beautiful break from the cacophony of the city, and can rejuvenate your body and mind. The opulent cultural and religious elements in the state also make it a good family destination. Check out Kerala tours if you are looking to vacation with your family.

If you are thinking vacationing with your partner, monsoons are just oh-so-romantic. Kerala in monsoons is a ravishing beauty that will be a perfect bacground to your romantic rendezvous. Walking hand-in-hand on palm-kissed beaches, witnessing sunsets, relaxing on the houseboat in the backwaters, and sipping wine at night under the stars laden sky. What could possibly be more romantic! I am booking a Kerala tour monsoon package today, and I suggest you check out some monsoon packages yourself! You deserve a fantastic holiday and this is your chance!


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